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The editors of the European Journal of Therapeutics (Eur J Ther) are pleased to offer electronic publication of accepted articles prior to print publication. These articles can be cited using the access date and unique DOI number.

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Issue DOI : 10.58600/eurjther.20232902.aa

Published: 2023-07-25

Original Articles

  • The Distribution of Missing Canals in Single-Rooted Teeth with Two Canals

    Abstract views: 36 / PDF downloads: 24
    Emre Çulha, Fatma Tunç
  • Bibliometric Analysis of Alveolar Ridge Augmentation over the Last 20 Years

    Abstract views: 19 / PDF downloads: 13
    Serkan Yıldız
  • Analytical Comparison of Maxillary Sinus Segmentation Performance in Panoramic Radiographs Utilizing Various YOLO Versions

    Abstract views: 89 / PDF downloads: 47
    Firdevs Aşantoğrol, Burak Tunahan Çiftçi
  • Evaluation of Behavioral Characteristics After Hearing in Children with Cochlear Implants

    Abstract views: 55 / PDF downloads: 25
    Elif Sari, Aynur Aliyeva, Ergül Başaran Bozkurt, Çiğdem Yılmaz Aydın, Ferhat Sari, Levent Olgun
  • Analysis of the 50 Most Cited Articles on Dabigatran: A Bibliometric Study

    Abstract views: 27 / PDF downloads: 16
    Sedat Yaşin, Erman Altunisik
  • Investigation of the Relationship between Adenoma Volume and Perioperative Hormone Levels in Patients with Acromegaly

    Abstract views: 33 / PDF downloads: 16
    İbrahim Erkutlu, Atilla Demir, Necati Üçler, Berna Kaya Uğur, Murat Geyik, Ali Nehir
  • A New Vital Sign in Determining the Triage Category in Emergency Department Presentations: End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide

    Abstract views: 10 / PDF downloads: 5
    Fatma Tortum, Ali Gur, Ayça Calbay, Omer Turalioglu, Erdal Tekin
  • Finding the Most Effective Method in Anatomy Lesson in Nursing Education: A Comparison of Classical Lecture and Flipped Classroom

    Abstract views: 49 / PDF downloads: 14
    Ümran Gözde Çeliker, Serra Öztürk, Mustafa Kemal Alimoğlu, Levent Sarıkcıoğlu, Erol Gürpınar, Muzaffer Sindel

Review Articles

  • An Introduction to Propensity Score Analysis: Checklist for Clinical Researches

    Abstract views: 12 / PDF downloads: 7
    Nazlı Totik, Sevinç Püren Yücel Karakaya, Zeliha Nazan Alparslan

Technical Notes

  • A Modified Technique of Laparoscopic Closed-Entry by the Veress Needle: A Novel, Unique, Rapid, and Simple Procedure

    Abstract views: 22 / PDF downloads: 5 / PDF downloads: 0
    Seyhun Sucu, Ozge Kömürcü Karuserci, İbrahim Taşkum, Furkan Çetin, Muhammed Hanifi Bademkıran, Hüseyin Çağlayan Özcan