Editorial: From the Incoming Editors of the European Journal of Therapeutics (Eur J Ther)

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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to share the new issue (June 2023, volume 29, Issue 2) of the European Journal of Therapeutics (Eur J Ther). Furthermore, we are honored to be appointed as the New Editor-in-Chief and New Deputies Editor-in-Chief of Eur J Ther, the international publication of the Gaziantep University Faculty of Medicine published since 1990.

First, we would like to thank the previous Editor-in-Chief, Prof. M. Murat Sucu, and his team for their hard work during their tenure. They significantly increased its contribution to the field and international reputation by further developing the journal.

In addition, we would like to express our gratitude to all the editors, authors, referees, and technical team who have contributed to the journal since 1990, when our journal first started being published.

Unfortunately, due to the change of publishing house, there were some technical problems and interruptions on the web page of Eur J Ther in the first few months of 2023. So, we regret to inform you that there are delays in the evaluation stages of some manuscripts sent to the journal. However, we would like to let you know that from now on, your valuable works submitted to Eur J Ther will be evaluated as quickly as possible. In addition, we would like to announce that all articles accepted for publication in our journal, which is considered an essential innovation, will be published on the web page of our journal as Early View / Accepted Articles in a short time. This innovation will expedite the citation process for your publications.

As the New Editor-in-Chief and New Deputies Editor-in-Chief, we aim to increase the quality and visibility of Eur J Ther and to improve its indexes.

We want to remind you that the journal’s target audience is researchers, physicians, and health professionals interested in or working in all medical and dental disciplines. Therefore, we request you submit your valuable research to Eur J Ther to contribute to the development and content of the journal.

Sincerely yours,



Ayşe Balat, MD


Deputies Editor-in-Chief

Şevki Hakan Eren, MD

Mehmet Sait Menzilcioğlu, MD

İlhan Bahşi, MD, PhD


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Balat, A., Eren, Şevki H., Menzilcioğlu, M. S., & Bahşi, İlhan. (2023). Editorial: From the Incoming Editors of the European Journal of Therapeutics (Eur J Ther). European Journal of Therapeutics, 29(2), e1-e1. https://doi.org/10.58600/eurjther.20232902-edit1.y