Attenuation of Senescence-Induced Oxidative Exacerbations in Aged Rat Testis by Ferula Elaeochytris Root Extract




Ferula elaeochytris, Aging, Antioxidant system, Spermatogenesis


Objective: Age brings about changes to the oxidant and antioxidant balance of male testis that give rise to loss of fertility. The Ferula elaeochytris root extract (FE), contents antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component, have been used to treat infertility by local people for centuries. The main objectives of this study were to determine whether FE was effective on sperm quality, spermatogenesis, apoptosis and oxidative stress in aged rat. Methods: Four groups were formed with 40 rats; young Control (YC), Aged Control (AC), Ferula elaeochytris administrated aged rat (A+FE) and vitamin E administrated aged rat (A+VE). Vitamin E and FE was administered orally for 8 weeks. Results: The administration of FE significantly increased serum TAS, testetorone levels and decreased testicular malondialdehyde (MDA) activity, that these changes were accompanied by the reduced serum TNF-α, and TOS levels. Also, the apoptosis germ cell, the tubular diameter, the germinal epithelium height and Johnson’s score a have been regulated after administration of FE (p<0.05). Meanwhile, in the present context, in aged group the sperm count, motility, testicular weight declined significantly. FE showed showed significantly increased effect on the motility and sperm count. Conclusive: These findings support that aging induces stress oxidative and inflammation, and FE could protect the testis against these damaging effects via its anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory action and modulate spermatogenesis.




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Yoldaş, Atila, Nadire Eser, Aslı Yaylalı, Umut Kökbaş, and Ahmet Sarper Bozkurt. 2022. “Attenuation of Senescence-Induced Oxidative Exacerbations in Aged Rat Testis by Ferula Elaeochytris Root Extract”. European Journal of Therapeutics 28 (4):306-12.



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