Experience of Lung Surgery in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Lung cancer, covid-19, thoracic surgery


Objective: During the pandemic, elective cases other than those requiring emergency thoracic surgery were postponed. Depending on the magnitude of the impact the pandemic posed on hospitals and clinics, there have been changes in the number and variety of cases of thoracic surgery. The intention behind conducting this study was to share the experiences gained by a thoracic surgery clinic during the pandemic period.
Methods: Altogether, 214 patients were included in the study. Patient data that were recorded included those on age, gender, lung pathology, duration of hospital stay, positivity for COVID-19, survival, and causes of death.
Results: Of the 214 patients operated on, 12 died during the postoperative period. Eight of these patients died due to their primary disease and one died due to gastrointestinal bleeding, whereas the remaining three patients died due to COVID-19 infection.
Conclusions: If opportunities and facilities favorable for the administration of surgical treatment are made available, surgical treatment services can be offered safely to all patients


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İnan, K.; Çelik, İlknur A.; Karaoğlanoğlu, N. Experience of Lung Surgery in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Eur J Ther 2023, 29, 32-35.



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