Comparison of Human Papilloma Virus Results in Women with and without Atopic Disease




Human papilloma virus, screening test, atopic diseases, asthma, rhinitis, urticaria


Objective: Virus infected cells are destroyed by the natural immune system. However, HPV genotype and concomitant diseases are effective in HPV persistence. The aim of the study is to compare HPV screening results between patients with and without atopic disease. Methods: This cross-sectional controlled study was conducted between August 2019 February 2020 in a tertiary research hospital. Patients between the ages of 30-65 with allergic complaints were diagnosed “atopic disease” by same clinician. HPV test results were compared to healthy controls. Subgroup atopic disease diagnoses, duration of illness, treatments regimes and treatment time of the patients in the study group were also questioned and recorded. Results: A total of 239 women were recruited (121 study and 118 controls). Of recruited 121 atopia diagnosed women, 65 had rhinitis,9 had urticaria, 20 had asthma and remaning 27 had both rhinitis and asthma. 9 patients in control group and 7 patients in study group were HPV positive. No cervical carcinoma was reported. The mean duration of atopia was 50 months (12-360). 78 patients were treated medicaly while 43 were vaccinated during medical therapy Conclusion: HPV test results of groups were similar. No extra screening schedules are needed for patients with atopic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis or urticaria.




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Uysal, Gülsüm, Güzin Özden, and Şevki Göksun Gökulu. 2022. “Comparison of Human Papilloma Virus Results in Women With and Without Atopic Disease”. European Journal of Therapeutics 28 (4):247-51.



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