Clinicopathological Features of Elderly Patients with Colonic Volvulus

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Mortality, Sigmoid Colon, Volvulus


Objective: Sigmoid volvulus is most commonly seen in patients between 60 and 80 years old. The management of volvulus depends on its location and clinical presentation. The fundamental aspects of treatment include evaluating the viability of the colon, relieving the obstruction, and preventing the possibility of recurrence. We aimed to present the clinicopathological characteristics of geriatric colonic volvulus patients treated in a single center.

Methods: Patients diagnosed with colonic volvulus and treated in this hospital were included in the study. Mortality rates of patients who underwent and did not undergo preoperative colonoscopic detorsion were compared statistically. In addition, diseases that affect the quality of life and cause deterioration in bowel movements and habits were determined, and these diseases' effect on mortality was evaluated.

Results: Forty-four patients who underwent emergency surgery due to volvulus were included in our study. There was sigmoid colon perforation in two patients and cecum perforation in 1 patient. Two patients had cecal volvulus, and right hemicolectomy was performed in these patients; anastomosis was performed in one, and ileostomy was performed in the other. Sigmoid resection was performed in 36 patients, subtotal colectomy in 5 patients, right hemicolectomy in 2 patients, and sigmoidopexy with laparotomy and reduction in 1 patient. Thirteen patients (29.5%) underwent preoperative colonoscopy, and in eight cases, the procedure was conducted a day before the surgery, with the operation being carried out semi-urgently the next day.

Conclusion: Intestinal volvulus is a rare condition that can occur in any part of the large intestine. However, it is a severe medical issue that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment due to the possibility of intestinal damage and mortality.


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