Young Minds, Rare Finds, and the Path to Publish Case Reports

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A case report (CR) is a type of medical literature that demonstrates the scientific documentation of a rare disease/phenomenon, an unusual presentation of common diseases, or an innovative treatment for the disease. CRs can serve as an impetus for further research, prompting investigators to explore the potential associations, mechanisms, or therapeutic interventions suggested by individual case observations. However, emerging researchers often encounter various challenges while documenting CRs for publication, including limited experience, difficulty navigating relevant literature, ethical considerations, and publication barriers. This article focuses on empowering emerging researchers for the medical writing of CRs by providing a roadmap from observation to publication in a minimum duration, along with the implication of artificial intelligence (AI) in CR writing, highlighting AI’s potential to streamline drafting processes while addressing technical limitations, biases, and ethical concerns associated with its use. Thus, equipping emerging researchers with the necessary tools and resources, fostering confidence and competence by demystifying the CR writing process, and empowering aspiring authors to contribute meaningfully to the scientific literature.


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