Does Being Treated for Osteoporosis Mean "Awareness"?

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awareness, drug use, knowledge, osteoporosis


Objective: Although there are studies evaluating Osteoporosis (OP) awareness in different populations, there is no study evaluating OP awareness in patients currently receiving medical treatment for OP in the Turkish population. The aim of this study was to evaluate the level of OP knowledge and associated factors in patients receiving medical treatment for OP.

Methods: 301 people diagnosed with OP and using OP medication for at least one year were included in the study. Demographic characteristics, risk factors associated with OP, duration of OP drug use were questioned. The 2011 Revised OP Knowledge Test (OKT) was applied to all participants.

Results: Of the 301 patients evaluated in the study, 274 (91%) were female and 27 (9%) were male. The mean age was 65.64 ±8.29. The patients had been using prescribed medication for 1 (1-20) years due to OP. Mean OKT-exercise score was 8.11±1.71, mean OKT-nutrition score was 9.04 ±1.99 and mean OKT-total score was 11.53±2.24. OKT-exercise, OKT-nutrition, and OKT-total scores were significantly positively correlated with educational status, income status, dietary calcium intake, protein intake, physical activity, and significantly negatively correlated with age. OKT-exercise sub-scores were significantly higher in those living in the city center.

Conclusion: It is seen that the level of knowledge of the patients is quite low, even if they have been using drugs for OP for years. This is a warning to physicians about whether adequate information is given about behavioral methods in addition to medical treatment.


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