The Effect of Different Dentin Desensitizers and Self- Adhesive Resin Cement on Shear Bond Strength: In Vitro Study

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Desensitizer, self-adhesive resin cement, shear bond strength


Objectives: The aim of this study is to evaluate and compare the bond strength of different dentin desensitizers and self-adhesive resin cements to dentin surfaces.

Methods: The flat dentin surfaces of 72 wisdom molar teeth were randomly divided into six groups for bond strength analysis (n=12): Group CP: No desensitizer + Primer II A&B+ Panavia F 2.0, Group CM: No desensitizer+ Primer A&B+ Multilink N, Group TP: Tokuyama Shield Force+ Primer II A&B + Panavia F 2.0, Group TM: Tokuyama Shield Force + Primer A&B+ Multilink N, Group UP: Universal dentin sealant + Primer II A&B+ Panavia F 2.0 and Group UM: Universal dentin sealent + Primer A&B+ Multilink N. The shear bond strength test was performed using a universal testing machine (0.5 mm/min). ANOVA test was used to detect significant differences at a p < 0.05.

Results: The results indicated that bond strength values varied according to the desensitizing and resin cement materials (p < 0.05). The Tokuyama Shield Force desensitizer did not affect the bond strength of the resin cements to dentin (p > 0.05).

Conclusion: The different types of dentin desensitizer applications affected on the shear bond strength results of the self-adhesive resin cements.


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