Bibliometric Analysis of Alveolar Ridge Augmentation over the Last 20 Years

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Bibliometric, Alveolar Ridge Augmentation, Grafting


Objective: This study aims to provide insights into the evolution and trends of academic efforts in the field of alveolar ridge augmentation through a bibliometric analysis. The objective is to assist researchers interested in future work within this domain by identifying potential areas of exploration and contributing to the field's advancement.

Methods: The bibliometric analysis encompasses publications related to alveolar ridge augmentation between 2000 and 2023, sourced from the Web of Science Core Collection database. The analysis involves various metrics and visualization tools, including Citespace, VOSviewer, and Biblioshiny, to evaluate publication patterns, journal analyses, country analyses, reference analyses, and keyword analyses.

Results: The analysis of 3,477 publications revealed a logistic growth pattern with an annual growth rate of 5.52%. Among the most commonly found document types were original articles, reviews, and editorial content. The journal analysis indicated the dominance of specific journals, with a small core journal group identified through Bradford's Law. The United States emerged as a leader in terms of publication and citation counts. Co-citation clustering unveiled evidence-based topics and the progression of research trends.

Conclusion: This bibliometric analysis sheds light on the trajectory of academic contributions in the field of alveolar ridge augmentation. It offers valuable insights for researchers considering future work by identifying potential areas for exploration and contributing to the field's progress.


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