Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Preschool and Primary School Aged Children: Qualitative Reports of Turkish Parents

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children, COVID-19, effects of pandemic, qualitative research


Objective: COVID-19 pandemic may cause negative effects on children. Qualitative studies evaluating the effects of the pandemic on preschool and primary school aged children are limited in the literature. The aim was to evaluate the effects of COVID-19 on preschool and primary school children through the observations of their parents.

Methods: In-depth interviews were made with the participants using video conferencing method. Seventeen video conferencing interviews were conducted with parents who had children between 3 and 10 aged. With the permission of the participants, audio recording was obtained in all interviews, transcribed verbatim and checked. Thematic approach was used to analyze the data. Data were collected until saturated.

Results: Findings were summarized into three main categories. The first was “The changes in the affection conditions”. It’s observed in the interviews that children experienced changes in their affection conditions such as fear, anxiety and happiness. They also went through behavioral changes like aggression and shyness. The second theme was “The Distinction in Behavioral Features”. Parents believed their children’s dominant behavioral features became more distinct. The third theme was “The changes in the Communication Levels”. While the communication with the family members increases or decrease according to various factors, the communication with the non-family members decreases for almost all of the children.

Conclusion: The effects that children are exposed to in the face of global events such as pandemics should be considered separately in addition to social planning. Each child should be evaluated within their own family and environment.


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