The Diagnosis of Fetal Gastrointestinal Systems Abnormalities with Prenatal Sonography

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  • Metin BAYRAM Gaziantep Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Radyodiagnostik ABD., Y.Doç.Dr.



Prenatal Ultrasonografi, Gastrointestinal Anomali


Prenatal sonographt is an useful modality in evaluation of fetal gastrointestinal abnormalities. The sonographic appearance of a healthy fetus's gastrointestinal tract is variable and there are considerable similarities between the normal and abnormal gastrointestinal findings. Therefore one should be a ware of diagnostic pitfalls which may arise from confusion with normal anatomy.

In this review the normal anatomy, anatomic variations, pathologies and potential diagnostic pitfalls of the normal and abnormal fetal gastrointestinal system are examined.


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