Resection of the Liver Metastatic Tumors

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  • Hilmi KOCAOĞLU A.Ü.T.F.Cerrahi Onkoloji Klinik Uzmanı
  • Ragıp ÇAM A.Ü.T.F.Cerrahi Onkoloji Kliniği Öğretim Üyesi
  • Selahattin BİTİK A.Ü.T.F.Genel Cerrahi Kliniği Araştırma Görevlisi



Karaciğer rezeksiyonu, metastaz


Recently, there has been lots of improvements in the liver surgery. in these improvements, better recognition of segmental liver anatomy and better diagnosis of liver metastases particularly by sonography and computer tomography played a key role. Postoperative complication are falls of total serum protein, hypoglycemia, bleeding and infection. They can be avoided or reduced by a careful preparation. Mortality could be reduced to 7 % . After resection of unilocular or lobular metastases of colorectal cancer the life expactancy for five years is 25 %. Resection of liver metastases of other primary tumors is stili discussed coutradictory. Only after resection of metastases of hypernephroma, carcinoid and other endocrine tumors a long follow-up has been described.


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