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Objective: To evaluate the incidence of visual axis opasification (VAO) in children who underwent pediatric cataract surgery combined with IOL implantation.


Methods: We evaluated 65 eyes of 49 patients (range 24 - 96 month) retrospectively who underwent pediatric cataract surgery between 2006 and 2012 years. We divided subjects into the groups according to the implanted IOL. In group A, a MA60BM hydrophobic, in group B Sensar®  40e hydrophobic and in group C an Eyecryl® 600 hydrophilic IOL were implanted. Children who completed 12 months follow-up period in all groups were included in this study. The demographic data, VAO and postoperative complications were evaluated.


Results: Thirty three patients had unilateral, 16 patients had bilateral cataract surgery. The rate of VAO was 10 (45,5%) in Group A; was 7 (41,2%) in Group B; and was 16 (61,5%) in Group C. We determined no significant difference among the groups regarding VAO development (p = 0,353).



Conclusion: Our results showed that different IOLs cause comparable VAO rate in children who underwent surgery at a older age. Based on these findings, it can be concluded that performing a posterior curvilinear capsulorhexis and anterior vitrectomy are more important that IOL design in preventing after cataract formation in older children.

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