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Introduction: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and obesity are multifactorial diseases including interactions between hereditary and environmental factors. Our study aimed to evaluate the relationship between serum Magnesium (Mg) level and insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) in obese non-diabetic subjects and obese T2DM patients then compared them with healthy controls.


Methods: The present study consist of 120 subjects of both genders and aged range between (20-70) years. The subjects were divided into four groups: Group I including 30 healthy subjects as control (8 male and 22 female). Group II consisted of 30 obese non-diabetic subjects (6 male and 24 female) with BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2. Group III included 30 (14 male and 16 female) obese T2DM patients with disease history less than one year and group IV included 30 (17 male and 13 female) obese T2DM with disease history more than five years. Endocrinology and metabolism specialists did the diagnosis of T2DM patients. Serum Mg, fasting glucose, fasting insulin and fasting lipids were measured, weight, height also measured. In addition, Body mass index (BMI) and HOMA-IR were calculated.


Results: Serum Mg level was significantly decreased in group IV (1.72±0.1mg/dl) as compared to groups I (2.07±0.1mg/dl), (p<0.05). HOMA-IR was significantly increased in group IV (7.9±7.0) as compared to group I (1.03±0.3), (p<0.05) In addition, serum fasting glucose, serum insulin, and fasting lipids were significantly higher in case groups as compared to control group. Serum Mg level inversely associated with age in all case groups. In group IV a negative significant correlation found between serum Mg level with age and HOMA-IR (p<0.01).


Conclusion: Low serum Mg level was found in obese T2DM patients and obese non-diabetic subjects while high level of HOMA-IR was found in obese T2DM patients and obese non diabetic subjects. Obese T2DM patients show a negative correlation between serum Mg level with HOMA-IR and age. We recommend measuring serum Mg level regularly in obese  T2DM patients especially in older age patients, and patients who require supplementation should be considered.

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