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1 Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul, Turkey  
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Psychogenic tremors present with various clinical demonstrations in neurological practice.In mirror therapy,the patient concentrates on the image of the normal limb and learns to manage pain and movement.In this study,it was aimed to use mirror therapy for treatment of psychogenic tremor. The 19-year-old female patient presented in hospital with the complaints of incompetence in manual skills,slowness of movements,reduction in muscle strength and weakness of fine motor activities as well as the presence of involuntary movements such as tremor on her right upper extremity which appeared nearly two years ago but worsened in the last one year. Both before and after treatment,we used a digital goniometer to assess the range of motion of the forearm and wrist;digital hand held dinamometer to evaluate flexor and extensor muscles of hand and wrist,hand grip dynamometer and pinchmeter to evaluate muscle strength;the DASH questionnaire to assess the functional capacity of the upper extremity;the Jebsen hand function test to evaluate the functionality of the hand;the Grooved Pegboard test for manipulative skills,and the functional independence measure (WeeFIM) to evaluate the quality of life.There was improvement in all parameters when compared before and after treatment. The results of this study showed that using mirror therapy was a very useful approach in treatment of psychogenic tremor,which significantly disrupts exercise compliance and characterized by severe psychogenic tremor that reduced the quality of life.

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