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Investigation of the protective effect of nigella sativa oil and timokinone in radiation exposed rats
1 Gaziantep Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Biyofizik Anabilim Dalı, Gaziantep, Turkey  
2 Gaziantep Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Biyokimya Anabilim Dalı, Gaziantep, Turkey  
Eur J Ther ; : -
DOI: 10.5152/EurJTher.2017.368
Key Words: Nigella sativa oil, cancer, radiation

Objective: It is not always possible to treat early and late side effects due to radiotherapy. In this study, the effects of free radicals on the oxidant / antioxidant system were investigated in comparison with the clinical use of WR-2721 in the prevention and treatment of side effects caused by free radicals.


Methods:  According to the experimental protocol, rats were randomly assigned to Control Group (K; n = 10), Radiotherapy Group (R; n = 10), Nigella sativa oil  Group  (NSO; n=10;  2.4 g/kg/day),  Nigella sativa oil+Radiotherapy Group (R+NSO; n=10; 60 minutes, 2.4 g/kg/day), Radiotherapy + Amifostine (R + WR-2721, n = 10, 200 mg / kg / day, 60 minutes before 60 minutes, Radiotherapy + Amifostine ) are divided into a total of 5 groups. Radiotherapy was applied to these rats with a Co 60 teletherapy device in a single dose of 8 Gy to the whole body area as SSD 40 cm. The study was completed in 72 hours following radiation application and the rats were sacrificed by decapitation. TAS, TOS, OSI, MDA, NO, MPO, SOD, CAT and GSH parameters were measured.


Results: According to these results, WR has more positive effects on MPO and CAT values  when NSO on  MDA values.   TOS, OSI, NO, TAS, SOD, CAT values showed no statistically significant difference in the R + NSO group according to the K group. compared R group in R+NSO GROUP  TOS, OSI, NO, MDA levels decreased in  TAS, SOD, GSH, CAT levels increased with statistical significance.



Conclusion: In this study, we have shown that Nigella sativa oil   are effective in radiation-induced damage on the liver oxidative stress and nitrosative stress. Further studies are worth investigating in different tissues, with different radiation intensities and different concentrations of Nigella sativa oil.

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