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Objectives: This study was carried out in order to determining web-based patient education programs and evaluating effectiveness of web-based intervention for breast cancer patients.


Materials and Methods: In this systematic review, we searched the Web of Science, Wiley Online Library, Pubmed and Medline electronic databases for abstracts using the key words “breast cancer, web based intervention, online intervention, internet based  intervention”.  There was no date limitation in the study and  the search  were completed in December 2016. We identified fifteen articles for the review.


Results: The interventions used were described as web-based programs. The scope of Web-based interveniton were social support, exercise and dietary practices, self-helping guide, self-management and symptom management. The basic outcomes were quality of life, fatigue, pain, self-efficacy, depression and stress management.


Conclusion: In this systematic review, internet based interventions are effective in the psychosocial treatment and maintenance process and that the availability of this area is appropriate.

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